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 Please read and follow the Rules

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Please read and follow the Rules Empty
PostSubject: Please read and follow the Rules   Please read and follow the Rules Icon_minitimeWed Aug 27, 2008 4:07 pm

§1 General
(1) The Leader of the Alliance is Ulquiorra.
(2) The Co-Leaders are Sidewinder and Rammstein.
(3) Our Rules are binding. Non-observance can cause the exclusion of the ally
(4) The number of members is fixed to 15
(5) Only the ally leadership and specially named members are allowed to take foreign policy actions, especially war declarations and confederations.
(6) Slurs of every kind (personal, racist, sexual, obscene, calumniously or defamatory) are not tolerated.
(7) Changes in your in game nickname have to be reported to the ally leadership.
(8) Absences, which last more then 5 days have to be written in the away diary. if a absence lasts more then 14 days without giving reasons, the member is kicked.
(9) Have fun!

§2 Forum
(1) It is a duty for all members to take part in the forum. The “Last Login” is supervised by the leaders. the rule §1(8) is applied to this.
(2) Use expressive thread-titles.
(3) Always try to respect the others, to help them and to remain fair.
(4) Always post threads in the relevant category. Unfitting articles will be deleted without any comment.
(5) Try to avoid cross postings.
(6) Illegal activities are not supported

§3 Together
(1) NO unapproved attacks against members of the ally.
(2) NO unapproved spying actions against members of the ally.
(3) You have to help every member who has problems with all your possibilities.
(4) These Rules include the members of the confederated allies.

§4 Circular messages
(1) The CM is only for rapid communication!
(2) NO trade requests per CM.
(3) NO attack assistance request per CM.

§5 Initiation in the Alliance
(1) Every ogame player with 1.000 Points and above can write a application.
(2) The expressive applications are only accepted in our forum.
(3) Every applicant has to open a new thread. title: Application nickname
(4) The applications should answer a few questions about the applicant.
(5) These Rules have to be read and accepted.
(6) The communication with the applicant is generally made in his thread, but other ways of contact are not precluded.
(7) Every new member gets the status “Newbie”. The others can be seen in the ally page.
(8) Every new member has to register in the forum with his in game nickname.

§6 Leaving the Alliance
(1) A voluntary leaving has to be reported to the leadership
(2) Exclusion if a majority decision is made.
(3) Exclusion if you act against these Rules.
(4) Exclusion if you act against the ogame Rules.

Please read and follow the Rules Bleachsignatur

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Please read and follow the Rules
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